Conni at the construction site

Why do you have to dig a whole if you want to build a house? What happens in the big cement mixer? What exactly is a crane good for? Conni and Simon think the visit of dad’s construction site is super exciting and explore every corner. But the best thing is that they’re even allowed to help build a real brick wall!

Further episodes

Conni takes the train

Conni never would have thought that you could have so much fun taking the train. Huge signs with the names of cities and the numbers of the rail tracks, taking escalators, finding rail tracks… Even in the train itself there is so much to discover. This way the long trip to the grandparents passes in no time and feels just like a huge adventure.

Conni celebrates carnival

In the kindergarten they handicraft funny jewelery for the big carnival party. Everyone talks about how they will disguise themselves this year, only Conni is a bit perplexed. Fortunately, mum has a bunch of old clothes that might just help them to conjure up something. And that gives Conni a great idea: “Yay! I’ll…” But she’s not going to tell her friends – for now!

Conni does Exercises

To crawl like crocodile and to swing on lianas just like a monkey! “Have you been in the jungle today?” Dad is amazed. No! Conni goes exercising and that’s a lot of fun. Especially, since she soon learns to perform a leap-frog, which is something she never dared to do before. “Even I can’t do that” dad declares. Maybe he should also do some exercises.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband