Conni doesn’t follow strangers

Conni knows the way back from kindergarten by heart. But today there’s a construction site that blocks her way home. Oh no! How is she supposed to find the way home? A man Conni doesn’t know wants to help her. She’s supposed to follow him… But Conni has learned that she’s not supposed to follow strangers!

Further episodes

Conni becomes a clown

Making others laugh is great! And you can even learn that? Conni is amazed. Together with Simon and a real clown she discovers all the things a clown has to be able to do. But the best is that in the end there is a real show in a real circus! Conni is very excited because this time it won’t be just mum and dad watching!

Conni and the kites

The autumn wind blows leaves from the trees and together with those leaves a kite lands in front of Conni’s feet. It’s a pity, its broken! But it gives Conni the idea to make her own together with Anna. To ensure that their dragons not simply blow away like the leaves from the tree they have to practice a bit…

Conni’s got lice

“I’ve got lice? But I wash my hair all the time!” Conni learns fast that this has got nothing to do with dirt and that this happens to a lot of kids. The main thing is to get rid of the pests! Mum and Conni declare war on the lice. “Yay! The lice are all gone”, Conni is happy. Apart from one… and this one gets scrutinized under the magnifying glass to a hair.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband