Conni #13: Conni and the babysitter


Conni and the babysitter

“But I’m not a baby anymore!” shouts Conni as her mum and dad look for a babysitter to take care of her and Jakob for an evening. She doesn’t want a strange girl that looks after her and tells her when to go to sleep. But as she meets Marie she has to admit: A babysitter can be a great friend.

Conni puts on an act

When Hanne reads the story of the small lantern-fish she discovers that the kids already know it by heart. “Then why don’t you play-act it yourself”, she suggests. “Just like in the theatre!” Excitedly the kids start rehearsing their roles. On top of that they also make costumes and build a real stage-setting. And now Conni can’t wait for the big day when mum and dad will see her on stage!

Conni and the clean-up-day

Conni is angry…. Again someone threw garbage over the fence of the kindergarten. And in the park there is trash on the ground as well. Conni and the hedgehog-group have an idea: They start a big cleaning campaign! They learn that glass, plastics and paper are totally different types of trash and that you can even make new stuff from them.

Conni at the beach


What is a lighthouse needed for? What is high and low tide? How many animals live on the beach and what happens to the little sea lion that got lost? Conni had never thought that there was so much to discover and ask when you go on holiday to the seaside.


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Type of projectTV-seriesTypeAnimationGenreEdutainmentTarget groupPreschoolRuntime11:30 min.Statuscompleted 2015DirectorHenning WindelbandProducerHenning WindelbandProductionyoungfilms, ZDFBroadcasterKiKA / ZDFDVD distributorEuropa / SonyRadio playKarussell / UniversalWorld salesTelescreen / m4e