The Alster Detectives

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The 6th case of the successful Alster Detectives will be released in 2019 and the Hamburgische Bürgerschaft invites to the live premiere with the famous ???-speakers Oliver Rohrbeck and Jens Wawrczeck in the Hamburg City Hall.

Therefore we asked the actress Rhea Harder-Vennewald about the famous detectives, based on a concept of the Hamburg Parliament and kb&b.

Type of projectWebTypeLive-Action (4K)GenreCommercialCustomerHamburger BürgerschaftTarget group6 to 14 yearsRuntime2 min.Statuscompleted 2019DirectorHenning WindelbandProducerHenning WindelbandProductionyoungfilmsDoPIngo DanneckerAgencykb&b The Kids Group