Conni learns how to ride a bike

Conni has wanted a bicycle for a long time. Her parents surprise her with a beautiful bike. She is very  happy, but …now she has to learn how to ride it.

Further episodes

Conni moves house

Conni’s family has to move house. No! Losing her friends, going to a new school, having a new bedroom? But in the end it all turns out to be good. In the playground near to her new home, Conni meets Anna – the beginning of a great friendship!

Conni gets a cat

Conni finds a little cat and takes it home with her. Might she convince her parents that tomcat Mau has found a new home? What does a tomcat need? A lot of questions and…a happy ending?

Conni goes camping

Conni goes camping beside the sea with her parents and her friend Simon. It’s a holiday full of new experiences and adventures and then it starts to rain…how does it feel to spend a night inside a wet sleeping bag in a tent?

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2012
Henning Windelband