Conni goes to the dentist

Conni has to go to the dentist for the first time. Does it hurt, will the dentist take a big drill to her teeth like Dad’s drill at home? Conni is scared, but really this is an exciting day. The dentist explains to her everything she wants to know. The examination is interesting and the “tooth machine” is funny.t.

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Conni learns how to Ride a Horse

How do you sit straight in a saddle and how do you put your feet into the stirrups? What is a trot and how do you stop the horse? Conni gets to attend riding lessons with Anna. She can learn everything on her pony, Fecki, until she can ride like an Indian!

Conni gets lost

Conni and Mum are going shopping for a new pair of trousers and T-Shirts. Naturally, Conni wants to pick out her own clothes and looks around here and there behind the racks and shelves. Suddenly … Mum is gone! Now the department store is not so nice anymore, because there are strangers everywhere. Conni is scared. Will she ever find Mum again?

Conni discovers Books

Books are full of secrets that can all be uncovered! But when Conni suddenly loses her favorite book, she discovers where to buy or borrow books and even how to learn stories by heart and tell them to others.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2012
Henning Windelband