Conni searches Mau the cat

Conni without Mau? Unthinkable! But suddenly Mau has disappeared. Where’s the last place he might have been? Maybe someone has seen him? Conni and her whole family start looking for him like real private investigators and they find a hot lead… But will they find Mau?

Further episodes

Conni at the hairdresser

“But I don’t want to go to the hairdresser!” Conni rebels and blinks through her bangs. She’s heard that there are very high chairs at the hairdresser and that you’re supposed to sit real still! Also, the shampooing hurts your eyes and… she doesn’t want a stranger cutting her hair. But then Conni realizes that all of this was wrong and that’s why she’d love to go to the hairdresser again straight away

Conni visits a castle

What does a knight do, anyway, when he’s not high up on his horse with sword and lance, riding across the country? Well, he lets his knave polish his suit of armour, sleeps with his family in the bower and warms himself in front of the crackling fire of a large fireplace. This and much more is what Conni and her family experience on a very special excursion.

Conni and the frog concert

What happens in springtime, anyway? Together with granddad and Simon Conni goes exploring. At the pond in the meadow they discover exciting things: There are wandering toads, hopping frogs and storks that can clatter!? In the end they even help rescuing a couple of toads for which they get rewarded with a very funny concert.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband