Conni and the great snow

Oh no! Conni and her family are snowed in at an alpine hut! But that’s just when the fun starts. Together they build an igloo, collect firewood, start a snowball fight and so much more. This way, the great snow has turned into a great adventure.!

Further episodes

Conni goes Ice-Skating

Conni is exited as she goes to the big ice rink with her mum. If only Nina weren’t there. She’s a beginner, just like Conni, but she’s always in Conni’s way. When Conni finally musters the courage to go onto the ice all by her own, she promptly met by Nina and… they collide and embrace each other! Thankfully! Otherwise they’d have fallen onto their behinds. This way the following days become a lot of fun together.t!

Learns how to Ski

Winter holidays in the mountains are more fun when you know how to ski. That’s just what Conni wants to learn now. However, it isn’t as simple as it looks at first. But luckily Conni finds a nice girlfriend in the kid’s ski group and together it is much easier and lots of fun, too.

Conni during advent season

Hot waffles, steaming cocoa and on top of this the delicious smell of the fir-tree green that Conni and her mum use to make an Advent wreath. Advent is handicraft-time because stars made from straw and pictures for windows are meant to decorate the house. But the best thing is that Conni even makes the candles herself this year and at the 1st Sunday of advent she is even allowed to light them on her own!

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband