Conni’s sleepover at Julia’s

To have a sleepover at your best friend can really be pretty challenging. Especially, if they do everything different than at your own home. But after a pillow fight and many more fun frolics Conni really enjoys herself. Even that little bit of homesickness isn’t that bad, after all.

Further episodes

Conni on a safari into the woods

Originally, Conni simply wanted to know more about squirrels. But on a safari into the woods with granddad and Anna she discovers a whole lot of different animals, plants and fruits of the wood that you can even eat. In the end this trip, too, becomes an exciting and literally tingly adventure.

Conni at the flea market

You don’t buy fleas at the flea market! Conni knows that much. But you have to prepare a lot for one: you have to make price tags and bring money for change, you have to build a pretty booth and … and maybe one has to part with things you don’t really want to give away. Unless you find something much more pretty, that you can only get if you do decide to part with your old stuff.

Conni and the mean cold

Conni would so have liked to build her sand fortress until the end but now she’s gotten sick. Her nose is running, her throat hurts and additionally she’s freezing. Mum brings her nasal spray and bedtime-stories and dad surprises her with a new warm shawl. This passes the time real quick until Conni is healthy again. And when Conni returns to the playground a nice surprise waits for her.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband