Conni and the visiting dog

This dog in the park just ran to Conni and jumped all around her. Of course, you first get frightened by this. But when a dog-trainer visits the kindergarten, Conni learns the best way to get to know and how to greet a dog, how you pet him and then even get to play with him. That’s when she discovers that dogs can be really good friends.

Further episodes

Conni gives dad a hand in the garden

Dad doesn’t really want to mow down all those nice daisies? And what’s he doing with all those tiny plants in the pots? Maybe Conni could lend her dad a hand. She learns how to lay out a flowerbed and to plant flowers and dad learns that the garden hose is not just for watering the flowers…

Conni in Traffic

“Why do I have to look left, right, left, if the traffic lights are green?”, Conni wonders. “And what if there are no traffic lights?” Conni thinks that there are a lot of things to discover in traffic. That’s why she’s going on a small walk through the city with her mum and Anna that ends at a traffic light that you can eat!

Conni can’t sleep

“A monster lives under my bed”, Conni admits hesitantly and tiredly rubs her eyes. “It must be a very lonely monster if it visits you all the time” mom comments sympathetically. A lonely monster? Conni has never heard about such a thing. “Maybe it needs a friend” she suggests relieved. Great idea! They find a friend for the monster…

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2015
Henning Windelband