Conni learns how to read the clock

At nine o’clock you have to be at school, at two o’clock at your gymnastics class, and at five o’clock your friend Anna is coming, says Grandma. Conni thinks it’s time to learn tell the time herself. In a very innovative and unusual way Grandma teaches her, and soon Conni is an expert!

Further episodes

Conni makes a Lantern Parade

In the autumn you can make lots of things from colourful leaves and fruits from the trees. The big hollow pumpkins are particularly pretty and you can put candles inside, but Conni has a much better idea for the lantern parade at kindergarten…

Conni dances

Conni wants to learn classical dance and goes to a dancing school. At the beginning it seems easy, but then the exercises become more difficult to do and Conni is close to giving up. But Dad’s birthday is near and she wants to perform a birthday dance for him. A good reason not to give up!

Conni makes Music

Funny that Dad doesn’t care too much about Conni’s drum concert with the pot lids. After all, they are taught in school that almost everything can be used to make music – you just have to invent a really good melody. When Conni and the school group does exactly that, Dad suddenly finds the ‘kitchen concert’ really cool.

Type of project
Target group
4x 11’5
completed 2012
Henning Windelband